Polymorphisms of RAD50, IL33 and IL1RL1 are associated with atopic asthma in Chinese population

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Genetic architecture of asthma remains obscure. This study aimed to investigate whether the genetic polymorphisms of CDHR3 (rs6967330), GSDMB (rs2305480), IL33 rs928413, RAD50 (rs6871536) and IL1RL1 (rs1558641) are associated with the development of atopic asthma in Chinese population. Genotype and allele frequencies were compared between 516 patients and 552 controls by Chi-square test. Patients were found to have significantly higher allele G of rs928413 and allele C of rs6871536 (9.5% vs 6.2%, P = 0.004 for rs928413; 26.1% vs 19.9%, P < 0.001 for rs6871536). Besides, patients were found to have significantly lower frequency of allele A of rs1558641 (17.2% vs 21.7%, P = 0.007). This is the first study validating that IL33, IL1R1, and RAD50 genes are associated with the risk of asthma in Chinese population.

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