Early Results of Posterior Leaflet Folding Plasty for Mitral Valve Reconstruction

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Standard reconstruction for posterior mitral leaflet (PML) disease is quadrangular resection and annular plication; when the PML is excessively high, a sliding plasty is used. We have developed an alternative technique, a posterior leaflet folding plasty. It is performed by folding down the cut vertical edges of the PML. The central height of the PML is reduced, leaflet coaptation is moved posteriorly, and annular plication is unnecessary.


From March 1995 to August 1996, 26 (17.9%) of 145 patients undergoing mitral reconstruction had a posterior leaflet folding plasty. Concomitant procedures included anterior leaflet resection or resuspension and myotomy and myectomy. In 3 patients, the PML resection extended to a commissure.


There was one death and no reoperations. The mean New York Heart Association class was improved from 2.4 preoperatively to 1.4. There was no major postoperative mitral insufficiency in the 26 patients. Systolic anterior motion was transiently seen in 1 patient in whom left ventricular outflow tract obstruction was present preoperatively.


The data demonstrate the safety and short-term efficacy of posterior leaflet folding plasty. This technique may help avoid systolic anterior motion after reconstruction of the PML.

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