Temporary Luminal Arteriotomy Seal for Bypass Grafting

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To enable off-pump coronary operations in a bloodless surgical field without ischemic complications, we developed and assessed a temporary luminal arteriotomy seal in a porcine carotid artery bypass graft model.


In 16 consecutive pigs (25 kg, 32 anastomoses) the arteriotomy was sealed luminally by a polyurethane elliptic convex seal. Endothelial denudation, medial necrosis, and intimal hyperplasia were measured quantitatively and compared with those seen in conventionally sutured anastomoses.


The median occlusive time upon insertion or retrieval was 90 and 82 seconds, including the arteriotomy and securing the anastomosis, respectively. Once properly positioned, the seal provided a bloodless arteriotomy in all anastomoses. Microsurgical suturing was performed without leakage of the seal and with unimpeded flow. In the recipient artery, endothelial denudation was limited to one third of its circumference. No medial necrosis was found. Intimal hyperplasia at heel and toe was not significantly different from that seen in conventionally sutured anastomoses.


During end-to-side bypass grafting, the temporary luminal arteriotomy seal provided a bloodless surgical field without interfering with recipient artery blood flow and with minimal damage to the arterial wall.

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