Aortic Valve Replacement for Aortic Stenosis During Orthotopic Cardiac Transplant

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Although concomitant coronary bypass, and mitral and tricuspid valve surgery have been used to expand the donor pool for cardiac transplantation, aortic valve disease is considered an absolute contraindication for use of an offered organ. A case is presented with the successful use of an organ requiring concomitant aortic valve replacement for calcific aortic stenosis on a congenitally bicuspid valve. Eighteen-month follow-up documented excellent allograft function with a normally functioning mechanical aortic prosthesis. Aortic valve disease in offered organs can be successfully treated with aortic valve replacement at the time of transplantation and should not preclude the use of the organ in the setting of a recipient who is a candidate for a marginal allograft.

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