Combination of Two Long-Pedicled Myocutaneous Flaps for Closure of a Complex Contralateral Dorsal Defect

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A large and deep oncological defect has been filled up using a very long-pedicled latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap, together with a trapezius myocutaneous flap, both harvested contralaterally to the lesion. Despite the distance of the defect from the area from which the flaps have been harvested, use of long-pedicled flaps warranted a better flap rotation with less tension and greater availability of bulky tissues. Both flaps were viable, and the recipient site healed uneventfully. The two donor sites were closed directly and healed rapidly. Therefore, a challenging complex thoracic defect was covered immediately after oncological resection through a combination of two myocutaneous flaps contralaterally harvested, which seemed safe and reliable.

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