Effects of the Novel Polymer Gel LeGoo on Human Internal Thoracic Arteries

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Established hemostatic devices can injure vessel wall integrity. LeGoo (Pluromed, Woburn, MA), a novel poloxamer gel with reverse thermosensitive properties, is a new device for temporary occlusion of blood vessels. The present study investigated the effects of LeGoo on vascular function and morphology.


The distal end of the human internal thoracic artery was used to assess vascular function of LeGoo-applied segments in organ bath experiments and by scanning electron microscopy.


After LeGoo application, both maximal contractile responses to noradrenaline and endothelium-dependent relaxant responses to acetylcholine were significantly reduced. Scanning electron microscopy showed areas of injured endothelium with exposure of subendothelial structures being in line with the functional changes.


Data suggested that application of LeGoo induced significant endothelial injury and deterioration of the smooth muscle in human internal thoracic arteries.

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