An Effective Modification to Simplify the Right Atrial Lesion Set of the Cox-Cryomaze

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Reluctance to perform biatrial Cox-cryomaze is primarily to avoid the vexation of creating a right-atrial-lesion (RAL) set of Cox-Maze-III. An alternative pattern of RAL set includes (i) a horizontal atriotomy, continued medially as a linear cryolesion across the posterior tricuspid annulus, (ii) a cavocaval lesion, and (iii) a lateral cryolesion from the midportion of the atriotomy to the tip of the right atrial appendage (RAA). This latter lesion is a substitute for a cryolesion that, in past, was directed medially by a stab wound in the tip of the RAA to the anterior tricuspid annulus. Use of the simplified RAL set, therefore, allows for more deftly achieving a complete biatrial Cox-cryomaze.

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