Radiological measurement of femoral stem version using a modified Budin method

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Version of the femoral stem is an important factor influencing the risk of dislocation after total hip replacement (THR) as well as the position of the acetabular component. However, there is no radiological method of measuring stem anteversion described in the literature. We propose a radiological method to measure stem version and have assessed its reliability and validity. In 36 patients who underwent THR, a hip radiograph and CT scan were taken to measure stem anteversion. The radiograph was a modified Budin view. This is taken as a posteroanterior radiograph in the sitting position with 90° hip flexion and 90° knee flexion and 30° hip abduction. The angle between the stem-neck axis and the posterior intercondylar line was measured by three independent examiners. The intra- and interobserver reliabilities of each measurement were examined. The radiological measurements were compared with the CT measurements to evaluate their validity. The mean radiological measurement was 13.36° (SD 6.46) and the mean CT measurement was 12.35° (SD 6.39) (p = 0.096). The intra- and interobserver reliabilities were excellent for both measurements. The radiological measurements correlated well with the CT measurements (p = 0.001, r = 0.877). The modified Budin method appears reliable and valid for the measurement of femoral stem anteversion.

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