An 11- to 15-year clinical outcome study of the Advance Medial Pivot total knee arthroplasty: PIVOT KNEE ARTHROPLASTY

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The Advance Medial-Pivot total knee arthroplasty (TKA) was designed to reflect contemporary data regarding the kinematics of the knee. We wished to examine the long-term results obtained with this prosthesis by extending a previous evaluation.

Patients and Methods

We retrospectively evaluated prospectively collected data from 225 consecutive patients (41 men and 184 women; mean age at surgery 71 years, 52 to 84) who underwent 284 TKAs with a mean follow-up of 13.4 years (11 to 15). Implant failure, complication rate, clinical (both subjective and objective) and radiological outcome were assessed. Pre- and postoperative clinical and radiographic data were available at regular intervals for all patients. A total of ten patients (4.4%; ten TKAs) were lost to follow-up.


Survival analysis at 15 years showed a cumulative success rate of 97.3% (95% confidence interval (CI) 96.7 to 97.9) for revision for any reason, of 96.4% (95% CI 95.2 to 97.6) for all operations, and 98.8% (95% CI 98.2 to 99.4) for aseptic loosening as an end point. Three TKAs (1.06%) were revised due to aseptic loosening, two (0.7%) due to infection, one (0.35%) due to instability and one (0.35%) due to a traumatic dislocation. All patients showed a statistically significant improvement on the Knee Society Score (p = 0.001), Western Ontario and McMaster University Osteoarthritis Index (p = 0.001), Short Form-12 (p = 0.01),and Oxford Knee Score (p = 0.01). A total of 207 patients (92%) were able to perform age appropriate activities with a mean flexion of the knee of 117° (85° to 135°) at final follow-up.


This study demonstrates satisfactory functional and radiographic long-term results for this implant.

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