Intra-articular corrective osteotomies combined with the Ilizarov technique for the treatment of deformities of the knee

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To present our experience of using a combination of intra-articular osteotomy and external fixation to treat different deformities of the knee.

Patients and Methods

A total of six patients with a mean age of 26.5 years (15 to 50) with an abnormal hemi-joint line convergence angle (HJLCA) and mechanical axis deviation (MAD) were included. Elevation of a tibial hemiplateau or femoral condylar advancement was performed and limb lengthening with correction of residual deformity using a circular or monolateral Ilizarov frame.


At a mean follow-up of 2.8 years (1.5 to 4.1), the mean HJLCA improved from 15.6° (10° to 23°) pre-operatively to 0.4° (0° to 2°). The mean MAD improved from 70.0 mm (20.1 to 118.5) pre-operatively to 9.1 mm (3 to 15). The mean tibiofemoral angle improved from 31.0° (8° to 54°) pre-operatively to 4.9° (2° to 8°). The mean limb-length discrepancy decreased from


6.3 cm (2.9 to 13.6) pre-operatively to 1.1 cm (0 to 5). All osteotomies and distraction zones healed without complications.


The use of intra-articular corrective osteotomies combined with the Ilizarov technique allowed correction of deformities of the knee joint with satisfactory HJLCA and overall mechanical axis in six patients with a good functional and cosmetic outcome in the short term.

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