Objective Measurements for Grading the Nasal Esthetics on Basal View in Individuals With Secondary Cleft Nasal Deformity

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The purpose of this study is to ascertain objective nasal measurements from the basal view that are predictive of nasal esthetics in individuals with secondary cleft nasal deformity.


Thirty-three patients who had undergone unilateral cleft lip repair were retrospectively reviewed in this study. The degree of nasal deformity was subjectively ranked by seven surgeons using standardized basal-view measurements. Nine physical objective parameters including angles and ratios were measured. Correlations and regressions between these objective and subjective measurements were then analyzed.


There was high concordance in subjective measurements by different surgeons (Kendall's harmonious coefficient = W = .825,P= .006). The strongest predictive factors for nasal aesthetics were the ratio of length of nasal alar (r= .370,P= .034) and the degree of deviation of the columnar axis (r= .451,P= .008). The columellar angle had a more powerful effect in rating nasal esthetics.


There was reliable concordance in subjective ranking of nasal esthetics by surgeons. Measurement of the columnar angle may serve as an independent, objective predictor of esthetics of the nose.

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