Study on Wangzaozin-A-Inducing Cancer Apoptosis and Its Theoretical Protein Targets

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Wangzaozin A is the most representative cytotoxic C-20-nonoxide compound of Isodon plants of Labiatae. The protein targets of the 2 isomers (X and X′) of Wangzaozin A are, respectively, extracted from target fishing dock Web site. Each isomer has 23 targets with good energy scores. The binding modes of each isomer and its targets are, respectively, analyzed by Dock. The energy score of the binding mode between the isomer X and the inositol-1(or 4)-monophosphatase is the smallest. The apoptosis, antiproliferative, and lethal effects of human gastric cancer cells induced by Wangzaozin A are assessed by trypan blue exclusion, hoechst33258 stain in SGC-7901, and flow cytometric measurement. The mechanism of Wangzaozin-A-inducing cancer apoptosis is analyzed. Wangzaozin A inhibits the growth of human gastric cancer SGC-7901 cell lines at the lower concentration (<4.0 µmol/L) and results in the lethal effect at the relative higher concentration (>8.0 µmol/L).

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