The Three P's of Upper Extremity Surgery
Problems and Solutions in Palliative Tendon Transfer Surgery for Radial Nerve Palsy
The Polyester Patch: A New Technique to Promote Early Motion Exercises in Extensor Tendon Transfers
Diagnosis of Occult Carpal Scaphoid Fracture: A Comparison of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography Techniques
The Wrap-Around Flap in Thumb Reconstruction
Thumb Metacarpophalangeal Joint Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction Using a Tendon Graft
Mixed Nerve Suture Facilitated by Enzyme-Staining Techniques
Internal Decompression of Dorsal Wrist Ganglions
Anatomical Approach to the Pronator Teres
Vascularized Bone Grafting and Herbert Screw Fixation of Scaphoid Nonunions With Avascular Proximal Poles