A Surgeon of Indications
A Pronator Teres–sparing Volar Approach for Osteosynthesis of Midshaft Diaphyseal Radius Fractures
Dynamic Distraction External Fixation for Contracture of the Metacarpophalangeal Joint
Use of Low-profile Palmar Internal Fixation in Digital Replantation
Well-camouflaged Skin Graft Donor Sites in the Hand
Basal Joint Arthroplasty and Radial-sided Carpal Tunnel Release Using a Single Incision
Wraparound Stitch
An Alternative Technique for External Fixation of Traumatic Intra-articular Fractures of Proximal and Middle Phalanx
Axillary Nerve Reconstruction
A Brachioradialis Splitting Approach Sparing the Pronator Quadratus for Volar Plating of the Distal Radius