Stabilization of juxtza-articular hand fractures with the miniexternal fixateur
The configuration of tension-band wires in hand fractures—the “sidewinder technique”
Ball-and-socket interphalangeal joint arthrodesis
Internal fixation for complex hand injuries
Expandable, intramedullary-fixation device for treatment of fractures in the hand
Effect of cortical area on the holding power of Hoffmann minipins
Arthrography for MCP joint injuries of the thumb
Lateral- and medial-column intercarpal fusions
External fixation across the wrist
Multiple percutaneous pinning of ununited scaphoid fractures
Treatment of hand infections with gentamycin-PMMA-minichains
Management of fingertip injuries
Management of war wounds of the hand
Treatment of problem fractures and nonunion of the scaphoid
Use of allogenic bone in hand injuries
Management of peripheral nerve injuries of the hand