Letters to the editor
A method for operative stabilization of multiple rib fractures in patients with flail chest
Open reduction and internal fixation of avulsion fractures in the hand: The tension band wiring technique
Metacarpal rotational osteotomy for metacarpal and phalangeal fracture rotatory malunions
The use of power staples for fixation in hand and wrist surgery
The treatment of distal radial flexion fractures
Combined internal-external osteosynthesis in severe hand injuries—Indications and technique
The technique of open reduction and tension band augmented plate fixation of comminuted fractures of the olecranon
Use of a hook plate technique in the management of proximal ulna fractures
Tension band plating for nonunion of proximal ulna and olecranon
Arthroscopically assisted stabilization of tibial plateau fractures
Percutaneous screw fixation of humeral condylar fractures
Comments on bone screws
Cannulated screw fixation of foot and ankle fractures
Operative management of talar fractures with cannulated screw fixation
Lisfranc injuries
The use of small fragment sets in ankle fractures
Medial ankle plafond impaction fractures due to supination-adduction: Technique of surgical repair