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The technique of cementless total knee replacement
Bone preparation techniques for cementless fixation of total knee replacement
Total knee resurfacing with an asymmetric tibial tray and a deep trochlear grooved femoral component
The Miller-Galante total knee arthroplasty:Evaluation of design, surgical technique, indications, and clinical results
Cement technique in primary total knee arthroplasty
Leg-lift technique for simultaneous femoral, tibial, and patellar prosthetic cementing, “rule of no thumb ” for patellar tracking, and steel rod rule for ligament tension
Technique for total knee arthroplasty using simultaneous cementing of components
Cemented revision knee replacement
The subvastus approach for total knee arthroplasty
A simple color-coding scheme for identifying sequential radiographs
Hybrid fixation modular tibial prosthesis
Current principles of design for cemented and cementless knees
Zickel supracondylar fixation device and Dall-Miles cables for supracondylar fractures of the femur following total knee arthroplasty