Simplified Wound Lavage
Wound Closure—or Not
Preparing the Civilian Surgeon for Combat Casualty Management
Wound Ballistics and Soft-Tissue Wound Treatment
Extremity Trauma in Wartime: Lessons Learned from Recent Conflicts
Recent Wounds of War: Lessons Learned and Relearned
Skeletal Traction in the Military Field Hospital
Treatment of Musculoskeletal Blast Wounds at a Navy Field Hospital during the Balkans War
Care and Evacuation of Orthopaedic Surgery Patients in a Combat Zone
Reconstruction of Orthopaedic War Injuries—The Medical Center Experience
Treatment of Gunshot Wounds in Ethiopia 1986-1992
Orthopaedic Aspects of the Afghan War: The Soviet Experience
Experiences with War Wounds in Afghanistan and Mozambique
Gunshot Wounds: The Lessons Learned from Recent Wars/Sri Lanka Experience
Orthopaedic Experience in the Persian Gulf War
War Surgery in Kigali, Rwanda: The Role of The International Committee of the Red Cross
Civilian Injuries due to War Mines
Treatment of Vascular Injuries in War Wounds of the Extremities
Orthopaedic Management of Gunshot Wound Injuries
Gunshot Wounds Sustained in Inner-City Warfare: The Miami Experience
War Wounds and the Orthopaedic Surgeon