The Ilizarov Method in the Acute Management of Severe Lower Limb Fractures
External Fixation Mounting Strategies for Difficult Locations
Management of Complex Tibial Plateau Fractures with the Ilizarov External Fixator
Treatment of Tibial Fractures with Bone Loss
One-Stage Muscle Transfer and Ilizarov Frame Application
Tibial Pilon Fractures
Femoral Fractures
Ilizarov Treatment of Severely Comminuted Calcaneus Fractures and Crush Injuries of the Foot
Reconstruction of Distal Intercondylar Femoral Fractures with Limited Internal Fixation and Ilizarov Tensioned-Wire External Fixation
Temporary Circular External Fixation for Forearm Fractures in Complex Circumstances
The Ilizarov Fixator and Pediatric Fractures
X Crossing Wires in the Distal Tibia
Acute Shortening for Tibia Defects