TIO Moves to a New Level
Has the Induced Membrane Technique Revolutionalized the Treatment of Bone Defects?
The Evolution of the Induced Membrane Technique
How the Induced Membrane Contributes to Bone Repair
Selection of Graft Expanders for the Second Stage of the Induced Membrane Technique
Application of the Induced Membrane in the Acute Setting of Bone Loss
Application of the Induced Membrane Technique for Forearm Bone Defects
Femoral Bone Defects Managed With the Induced-Membrane Technique
The Use of a Freestanding A Frame External Fixator for Significant Bone and Soft Tissue Loss Upper Limb Trauma
A Cost Effective Technique for Vacuum-assisted Closure Therapy With a Portable Suction System
Intraoperative Control of Rotational Forces During Sliding Hip Screw Insertion
Antegrade Cross K-Wire in Distal Radius Fractures
Biomechanical Analysis of the Risk of an Unused Guide Pin Hole on the Postoperative Subtrochanteric Fractures After Femoral Neck Fracture Pinning
Volar Locking Plate for Distal Radius Fracture
A Palpation-based and Fluoroscopy-independent Percutaneous Insertion Technique for Medullary Iliac Crest External Fixation Schanz Pins