Overview of Electroporation
Factors Controlling Electropermeabilisation of Cell Membranes
Digression on Membrane Electroporation for Drug and Gene Delivery
Highly Efficient, Large Volume Flow Electroporation
Applications of Plasmid Electrotransfer
Electric Field Enhanced Plasmid Delivery to Liver Hepatocellular Carcinomas
Electrical Enhancement of Formulated Plasmid Delivery in Animals
The Application of Electroporation to Transfect Hematopoietic Cells and to Deliver Drugs and Vaccines Transcutaneously for Cancer Treatment
Effect of Electrochemotherapy on Muscle and Skin
Electrochemotherapy for the Treatment of Human Sarcoma in Athymic Rats
Modification of Reference Array Attachment for Image Guided Neurosurgery
Transcription Factor Decoy (TFD) in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment