Developing and Understanding a Hospital-Based Proton Facility
An Overview of Subatomic Particles for Non-Physicists
Dosimetry Aspects of Proton Therapy
Absorption Characteristics of Protons and Photons in Tissue
The Impact of Protons on the Incidence of Second Malignancies in Radiotherapy
Selecting the Optimum Particle for Radiation Therapy
Facility Overview for a Proton Beam Treatment Center
Accelerators for Heavy-charged-particle Radiation Therapy
Proton Treatment Room Concepts for Precision and Efficiency
Clinical Proton Radiation Therapy Research at the Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center
Development and Operation of the Loma Linda University Medical Center Proton Facility
The University of Pennsylvania/Walter Reed Army Medical Center Proton Therapy Program
A Knowledge-Based Imaging Informatics Approach for Managing Proton Beam Therapy of Cancer Patients