Combined PET/MR Imaging — Technology and Applications
Initial Investigation of Preclinical Integrated SPECT and MR Imaging
An X-ray Computed Tomography/Positron Emission Tomography System Designed Specifically for Breast Imaging
Combined Fluorescence and X-Ray Tomography for Quantitative In Vivo Detection of Fluorophore
Preliminary Evaluation of a Combined MicroPET®-MR System
Dual-Contrast Dynamic MRI-DOT for Small Animal Imaging
An Automatic Occlusion Device for Remote Control of Tumor Tissue Ischemia
Downregulation of miR-21 Enhances Chemotherapeutic Effect of Taxol in Breast Carcinoma Cells
Argon-Helium Cryosurgery for Treatment of C6 Gliomas in Rats and its Effect on Cellular Immunity
Data Mining Approach to Evaluating the use of Skin Surface Electropotentials for Breast Cancer Detection