Advances in 4D Treatment Planning for Scanned Particle Beam Therapy — Report of Dedicated Workshops
Multigating, a 4D Optimized Beam Tracking in Scanned Ion Beam Therapy
IMRT Treatment Planning on 4D Geometries for the Era of Dynamic MLC Tracking
Commissioning of an Integrated Platform for Time-Resolved Treatment Delivery in Scanned Ion Beam Therapy by Means of Optical Motion Monitoring
Quantitative Assessment of Cancer Vascular Architecture by Skeletonization of High-Resolution 3-D Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Images
Delivery of Interleukin-15 to B16 Melanoma by Electroporation Leads to Tumor Regression and Long-term Survival
Histological and Finite Element Analysis of Cell Death Due to Irreversible Electroporation
Four-Dimensional (4D) Motion Detection to Correct Respiratory Effects in Treatment Response Assessment Using Molecular Imaging Biomarkers
Evaluation of Image-Guidance Strategies for Prostate Cancer
A Novel Technique for Image-Guided Local Heart Irradiation in the Rat
Automated Diagnosis of Mammogram Images of Breast Cancer Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Spherical Wavelet Transform Features