Organizational Issues in University-Industry Technology Transfer : An Overview of the Symposium Issue
Observations on the Post-Bayh-Dole Rise of Patenting at American Universities
Organizational Structure as a Determinant of Academic Patent and Licensing Behavior : An Exploratory Study of Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Pennsylvania State Universities
Capturing Technological Opportunity Via Japan's Star Scientists : Evidence from Japanese Firms' Biotech Patents and Products
Objectives, Characteristics and Outcomes of University Licensing : A Survey of Major U.S. Universities
Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers
Barriers Inhibiting Industry from Partnering with Universities : Evidence from the Advanced Technology Program
To Patent or Not : Faculty Decisions and Institutional Success at Technology Transfer
A Survey Analysis of University-Technology Transfer in Israel : Evaluation of Projects and Determinants of Success
Academic and Surrogate Entrepreneurs in University Spin-out Companies
Contributions of Academic Research to Industrial Performance in Five Industry Sectors
University-Industry Cooperation in the Context of the European Framework Programmes
Relationship Dynamics between University Research Centers and Industrial Firms : Their Impact on Technology Transfer Activities
Patenting and Invention Activity of U.S. Scientists and Engineers in the Academic Sector : Comparisons with Industry
Book Review