Edwin Mansfield
Flexibility and Endogenous Innovation
Technology and Technology Transfer
Exploring the Patent Explosion
The University and the Start-Up
Patents and Appropriation
Welfare Implications of User Innovation
Underinvestment in Public Good Technologies
The Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 and University–Industry Technology Transfer
Industrial R&D Laboratories
Reflections on Mansfield, Technological Complexity, and the “Golden Age” of U.S. Corporate R&D
Financing Constraints in the Inter Firm Diffusion of New Process Technologies
Ed Mansfield and the Diffusion of Innovation
The Importance of R&D for Innovation
University R&D and Firm Productivity
Mansfield's Missing Link
Modeling the Impact of Technical Change on Emissions Abatement Investments in Developing Countries
The Welfare Effects of Research and Production Joint Ventures
Evaluating Public Sector R&D Programs