Advantages of the Junbluth Forceps in Open Reduction Internal Fixation of Glenoid Fractures: A Report of 1 Case

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Scapula fractures are rare lesions that can be very challenging to reduce, particularly intra-articular glenoid Ideberg II or V fractures. Those 2 specific types require an anatomic reduction to restore the articular congruency, which is difficult to achieve by conventional means for 2 reasons. First, because of the strong traction of the long head of the triceps on the inferior glenoid fragment, and second, because the scapula is a flat bone and a good grip is therefore hard to find with pointed forceps, often requiring an extended incision. This article aims to propose an effective reduction technique using Jungbluth forceps, a tool that allows powerful distraction away from the plating site and avoiding excessive exposure. Although emphasis is put on intra-articular glenoid fractures, the indication of this technique could also be extended to other types of scapular fractures.

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