Posterior Eccentric Rotational Lamellar Keratoplasty

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To determine if a new, nontransplant approach to surgically treat Fuchs' corneal dystrophy and other corneal endothelial disorders can be achieved by posterior rotation of the cornea.


Femtosecond laser was used to create an eccentric posterior lamella of approximately 200 μm. Through a clear corneal incision, this posterior lamella is rotated to bring peripheral endothelium to the visual axis and diseased endothelium to the periphery.


Six cadaver eyes were used to show that IntraLase-assisted posterior endothelial rotational lamellar keratoplasty can be successfully performed. Results from initial patient outcomes indicate surgical feasibility and early promise in visual rehabilitation.


Posterior endothelial rotational lamellar keratoplasty offers a new approach to treat Fuchs' corneal dystrophy and early bullous keratopathy by rotating healthy peripheral endothelium to the center without transplant tissue or sutures.

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