Bipartite Talus: Arthroscopic Resection – Case Report

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Background:Bipartite talus is a rare entity. The etiology is uncertain. The definition is a large bone fragment that occupies the posterior portion of the talus and reaches the posterior subtalar joint.Case Report:We report a symptomatic bipartite talus in a female patient, 41 years old, treated with arthroscopic resection.Discussion:Posterior hindfoot arthroscopy has gained more popularity in the treatment of foot and ankle pathologies. Indeed, this is a secure and useful tool for the surgeon. In this report, we described the use of this technique for resection of a large bone fragment (bipartite talus).Conclusions:We present in detail the arthroscopic resection of a bipartite talus. This is an unusual pathology and a differential diagnosis for posterior impingement. We believe that arthroscopic resection of the bone fragment of the bipartite talus is a safe procedure, with less morbidity for the patient, compared with open resections.Level of Evidence:Level V—technique description.

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