Nomadic computing (keynote address)*
Solving multicommodity integral flow problems by simulated allocation
A depth-first dynamic programming procedure for the extended tree knapsack problem in local access network design
Modified least loaded routing in virtual path based ATM networks*
Real-time causal message ordering in multimedia systems*
A new model for fault and availability in complex multimedia services
Some applications of counting process models with partially observed covariates
Buffer losses vs. deadline violations for ABR traffic in an ATM switch
Call admission control schemes under generalized processor sharing scheduling
Dynamic connection admission mechanisms for the Networking BroadBand Services architecture
Admission control and resource management for multi-service ATM networks*
Stochastic geometry and architecture of communication networks*
A modified offered load approximation for nonstationary circuit switched networks
The time-dependent Erlang loss model with retrials
Economies of scale for long-range dependent traffic in short buffers
Semi-Markovian modelling and performance analysis of variable rate traffic in ATM networks
Call routing to distributed queues