Recent Advances in Communication and Internet Technology
A Class of Shaped Deficit Round-Robin (SDRR) Schedulers
Capacity Planning of DiffServ Networks with Best-Effort and Expedited Forwarding Traffic
Performance Analysis for QoS Provisioning in MPLS Networks*,**
A Comparison of the Utilization Efficiency between a Stateful and a Stateless Admission Control in IP Networks in a Heterogeneous Traffic Case☆
Adaptive Playout Buffer Algorithm for Enhancing Perceived Quality of Streaming Applications
Channel Allocation Scheme for Handoff Control in Wireless Ad Hoc Network with Group Mobility
Proposal for st-Routing Protocol
A Distributed Routing Method for Dynamic Multicasting
Advances in Active Queue Management (AQM) Based TCP Congestion Control
A Peer-to-Peer Message Exchange Scheme for Large-Scale Networked Virtual Environments*
A Proposal for Efficient TCP Flow Control over Satellite Networks
Adaptive Resource Management in Mobile Wireless Networks Using Feedback Control Theory
A Code Assignment Algorithm for Nonblocking OVSF Codes in WCDMA
Lossy Communicating Finite State Machines
Realizing the Ubiquitous Network