Guest Editorial
Design and Analysis of Spatiotemporal Multicast Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Spatial and Temporal Multi-Aggregation for State-Based Sensor Data in Wireless Sensor Networks
Coverage, Exploration and Deployment by a Mobile Robot and Communication Network
Experimental Results for and Theoretical Analysis of a Self-Organizing Global Coordinate System for Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
Distributed Group Management in Sensor Networks
Implementation of a Decentralised Sensing Network aboard Multiple UAVs
A Simulation-Based Method for Predicting Connectivity in Wireless Multihop Networks
Distance-Based Decision Fusion in a Distributed Wireless Sensor Network
Event Detection Services Using Data Service Middleware in Distributed Sensor Networks
Energy-Efficient Coding and Error Control for Wireless Video-Surveillance Networks
Adaptive and Decentralized Operator Placement for In-Network Query Processing