Foreword to the special issue on traffic modeling, its computations and applications
Revisiting an old friend: on the observability of the relation between long range dependence and heavy tail
On the complexity of Internet traffic dynamics on its topology
Correlation matching method for the weak stationarity test of LRD traffic
An improved Hurst parameter estimator based on fractional Fourier transform
Harmonic wavelet approximation of random, fractal and high frequency signals
Power spectrum of generalized Cauchy process
Assessing the accuracy of using aggregated traffic traces in network engineering
Stochastic performance analysis of non-feedforward networks
Toward statistical QoS guarantees in a differentiated services network
A new structure-preserving method of sampling for predicting self-similar traffic
Performance evaluation of nonsynchronized initial random access for mobile broadband systems
End-to-end loss differentiation for video streaming with wireless link errors