Propranolol in Serum by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Using Nitrile (CN) Bonded Columns in Reverse Phase

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A method for monitoring therapeutic levels of the betablocking and antiarrhythmic drug propranolol in serum has been developed as a high performance liquid chromatography technique using bonded nitrile columns in a reverse phase mode with an aqueous methanol mobile phase containing acetate as a counterion. The performance characteristics of eight different types of reverse phase columns are discussed with evaluation for use in the method. The present method combines basic organic (cyclohexane) extraction with fluorescence detection of the chromatographic effluent to provide a specific, rapid, precise, and reliable technique that has been successfully used to monitor propranolol therapy in several hundred patients without interference by propranolol metabolites or other drugs. The method is shown to compare well with other methods and is suitable for therapeutic drug monitoring by routine clinical laboratories.

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