Sensitive, High Throughput HPLC-MS/MS Method With On-line Sample Clean-up for Everolimus Measurement

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A new HPLC-MS/MS method for everolimus measurement was developed that includes the following features: small sample volume, short run time, fast, simple and cost-efficient sample preparation, assessment of performance of two internal standards (IS), SDZ RAD 223-756 and ascomycin and comparison of the method with an HPLC-MS/MS reference method. The authors established a multiple reaction monitoring positive ion HPLC-MS/MS method with on-line extraction and sample cleanup. This procedure includes: an API 2000 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with turbo-ion spray, built-in Valco switching valve, an HPLC system; guard column; a Nova-Pak C18 analytical column; washing solution, methanol:30 mM ammonium acetate pH 5.1 (80:20); eluting solution, methanol:30 mM ammonium acetate pH 5.1 (97:3); flow rate 0.8 mL/min; and a run time of 2.8 minutes. The first and third quadrupoles were set to detect the ammonium adduct ion and a high mass fragment of everolimus (m/z 975.5→908.5), and two ISs: SDZ RAD 223–756 (m/z 989.8→922.8) and ascomycin (m/z 809.5→756.5). The LLOQ was 1.0 μg/L for everolimus using either IS. Between day precision ranged from 3.1% to 5.7% for SDZ RAD 223-756 and 6.0% to 8.6% for ascomycin using spiked blood with everolimus concentrations 2.0 to 25.0 μg/L. Absolute recoveries using spiked samples over the range of 2.5 to 25 μg/L averaged 77.3% (SDZ RAD 223-756) and 76.8% (ascomycin). No matrix effect on everolimus was demonstrated based on the mean observed signal detection of 98.6% (SDZ RAD 223-756) and 105% (ascomycin). Comparison of everolimus concentrations obtained using this method with two internal standards with a reference laboratory demonstrated that the mean everolimus concentration obtained with ascomycin was statistically different (lower) than results with the reference method and the method that used SDZ RAD 223-756 as the internal standard gave equivalent results compared with the reference method.

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