Linear Heat- and Mass-Transfer Problems
A Rate Equation for Ultrasonic Cleaning of a Surface
Analysis of the Coagulation of Small-Sized Particles during Convection
Kinetics of the Leveling of the Concentration of Matter in Pores of a Washed Deposit
Deposit Growth on Chemical Reactor Walls and the Associated Heat and Mass Transfer
Nonlinear Dynamic Model of Czochralski Crystal Growth
The Limiting Diffusion Current of an Electrode in a Chaotically Stirred Electrolyte
Spray Extraction Columns
Experimental Investigation and Mathematical Modeling of a Coaxial Tubular Apparatus for Steam Methane Conversion
Taking into Account the Upper Temperature Limit of the Metastable States of Condensed Systems in Chemical Thermodynamic Calculations
Surface Force Field as a Factor Promoting the Dissociation of X2 Molecules
Solving Problems of Identification, Modeling, and Control of Vulcanization under Uncertainty
Mathematical Modeling of Schäffer Acid Synthesis
Taking into Account Wall Slip and Friction in Calculating the Degree of Compaction of a Powder in a Screw Machine
Entropy Production and Wet-Bulb Temperature
Calculating the Capacity of a Worm Press
The 3rd European Congress of Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering—A Key Technology Serving Mankind), June 26–28, 2001, Nuremberg, Germany