Method of Asymptotic Interpolation in Problems of Chemical Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer
Kinetics of Hygrothermal Treatment of Capillary Porous Materials
Hydrodynamic Resistance and Permeability of a Spatially Configured Fibrous Filter Bed
Pulsation Model of the Detachment of a Vapor Bubble from a Solid Wall
Laminar Heat Transfer in a Liquid Flowing in a Diverging Conical Annular Channel with a Varied Inner-Wall Temperature
Algebraic Sum of the Indices of Singular Points for Complexes of Various Dimensionalities
Synthesis of Heat-Integrated Distillation Systems
Pulse Extraction Applied to Herbal Raw Materials
The Evolutionary Principle in Chemical Engineering System Design on the Basis of the Information–Thermodynamic Conception
Oxidation Sequence of Sulfide Minerals in Operating and Out-of-Service Mine Waste Storage
Two-Step Solid Fuel Processing with Flue Gas Recirculation
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Layers on Capillary and Pore Walls
Rheological Properties of Solid Disperse Systems
Modeling of the Mixing of Disperse Materials Differing in Particle Size
Design of a Screw Powder Compactor
Conditions for Foam Flow and Breaking
Hydrodynamic Aspects of the Operation of a Rotary Pulsed Apparatus
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