Interfacial Mass Transfer in the Liquid–Gas System
Evaluating the Efficiency Frontier of Separation Processes
Few-Step Iterative Methods for Distillation Process Design Using the Trajectory Bundle Theory
Classification of the Phase Diagrams of Real Batch Distillation
Numerical Simulation of Semiconductor Crystal Growth by Directional Melt Solidification
Concentrating Glycerol Mixed with Fatty Acids and Water by Supercritical Fluid Extraction
Modeling of Matter Extraction from a Capillary Porous Particle with a Bidisperse Capillary Structure
Efficient Removal of Condensable Impurities from Gases in Cascades of the Continuous Membrane Column Type
Integral Models of Turbulent Micromixing in Processes with Complex Chemical Reactions
Sorption Dynamics in a Reactor–Mass Exchanger Unit
Solving the Identification, Modeling, and Control Problems in Vulcanization under Uncertainty
Calculating the Vapor Pressure of Associated Acyclic Aliphatic Compounds
Ionometric Study of the Acid Decomposition of Phosphate Minerals
Efficiency of the Entrainment of Rodlike Particles by Rising Bubbles
Drop Entrainment in a Rotary Spraying Apparatus
Hydroacoustic Emulsification in a Rotary Pulsed Cavitation Apparatus
Modeling of Heat Transfer in a Three-Phase Fluidized-Bed Apparatus
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