Exact Solutions and Transformations of the Equations of a Stationary Laminar Boundary Layer
Nonlinear Interaction between a Gas Flow and a Wavy Liquid Film
Modeling of Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Countercurrent Polydisperse Gas–Liquid Flow
Superfluidity of Aqueous Solutions of Mechanically Activated Quartz in Capillary Porous Bodies
Multilayer Structure of Waves in Elongated Eddy Zones
Calculation of the Filtration Coefficient and the Flow Resistance of a Fibrous Filtration Membrane in Terms of the Hausdorff–Besicovich Dimension
Adsorption Processes and the Velocity of a Bubble Rising in the Presence of Surfactants
Kinetics of Unsteady Evaporation during Liquid-Phase Transesterification
Continuous Distillation of Ternary Mixtures with U-Shaped Lines of Conjugate Tie Lines and Inverted Tie Lines
Isocriterial Manifolds for Linear Distillation Flowsheets
Longitudinal Dispersion of the Continuous Phase in Spray Extraction Columns
Composite Hollow-Fiber Membranes in Blood Oxygenation
Mathematical Modeling of Ignition and Extinction of Surface Exothermic Reactions
Effect of Molecular Transfer on Nonisothermal Reactive Mixing
On the Catalytic Reaction at a Plate
A Dynamic Model of the Thermal States of a Polymerizer with a Boiling Reaction Mixture
Estimating the Chemical Potential of a Substance in a Real Medium
Fuzzy Optimization of Polymer Compositions
Kinetics of Supercritical Fluid Extraction
In Memory of Adrian Mikhailovich Rozen (1915–2001)