Crystallization Science at the Turn of the Third Millennium
Removing Volatile Impurities from Granules by Distillation Sweating
Coagulation–Fragmentation Kinetics
Mathematical Modeling of Gas Flow in the Separation Zone of a Cocurrent Vortex Apparatus in Terms of the k T–ε Turbulence Model
The Development of a Rotating Flow of a Non-Newtonian Liquid Film in a Finite Cylindrical Tube
Synthesis of Optimal Distillation Flowsheets Consisting of Columns with Various Numbers of Sections
Distribution Coefficient of Impurities in the Liquid–Supercritical Fluid System
Mathematical Modeling of the Dependence of the Vapor Permeability Coefficient of a Membrane on Its Pore Structure
Mathematical Model of Mass Transfer in Reverse Osmosis Units with Series Cells
Steady States of the Reactor–Distillation Column System for an A + B ⇄ C Reaction
Analysis of a Two-Phase Perfectly Mixed Reactor under the Condition of a Phase Equilibrium
Formal Analogy between the Granulation Kinetics of Fine Powders and the Phase-Transition Kinetics
Environmentally Safe Coal Processing
Interaction between Copper(II) Oxide and Aqueous Ammonia in the Presence of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid
Rise of Single Bubbles in a Confined Medium
Separation of Gas Mixtures by Continuous Gas Hydrate Crystallization
Longitudinal Dispersion of the Dispersed Phase in Spray Extraction Columns
Optimizing the Spraying Pressure for Cocurrent Scrubbers
Calculating the Boiling Point of a Multicomponent Liquid-Phase Mixture
A Method for Determining the Capillary Porosity of the Particles of Disperse Materials
Chr. Boyadjiev and V. N. Babak, Non-linear Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamic Stability, Amsterdam