Equations of an Unsteady-State Laminar Boundary Layer
Autocorrelation Spectrum of the Electrode Current Pulses in a Chaotic Turbulent Electrolyte Flow
Fluid-Dynamic Characteristics of a Fluidized Bed Packed with Complex-Shaped Elements
Separation of Gas Mixtures by the Absorption–Pervaporation Method
Absorption of Carbon Dioxide by Alkali and Aminoalcohol Solutions in Two-Phase Systems
The Rate of Unsteady-State Evaporation of a Quiescent Liquid Layer in the Open and Closed Systems
Flowsheet Synthesis Strategy for Irreversible Zeotropic Distillation
Phase Equilibria in the Triethylene Glycol– and Tetraethylene Glycol–Supercritical Propane Systems
Structural and Percolation Parameters of Porous and Powder Systems
Conversion of Methane to Hydrogen under Superadiabatic Filtration Combustion
Steady-State Heat Transfer through an Iced Wall
Mathematical Model of Heat Transfer in a Solar Collector and Its Experimental Validation
Estimating the Efficiency of an Aerodynamic Foam Breaker
Wave Processes in Liquid Breakthrough, Flooding, and Entrainment
Theoretical Investigation of the Selectivity of the Anodic Dissolution of Binary Alloys
In Memory of Bruno Andreevich Purin (1928–2001)