Comparison between the Diffusion and Relaxation Models of Longitudinal Dispersion
Self-Oscillation in Aerodynamic Foam Breaking
Hydrodynamic Processes Involving Drops
Mathematical Model of a Mass-Transfer Apparatus for Producing a Foamed Liquid with a Desired Microstructure
Effect of Low-Frequency Pulses of the Carrier Phase on Interfacial Heat and Mass Transfer
Few-Step Iterative Methods for Distillation Process Design Using Trajectory Bundle Theory
Behavior of Scalar Steady-State Temperature Fields in Multicomponent Mixtures
Chemojet Motion in Crystallization
Problems in the Local Hyperthermia of Inductively Heated Embolized Tissues
Theoretical Foundations and Implementation of the High-Temperature Electrosynthesis of Chromium, Molybdenum, and Tungsten Silicides and Borides in Ionic Melts
Raising the Selectivity of the Unsteady-State Oxidative Dehydrogenation of n-Butane in a Two-Reactor System with a Circulating Catalyst
Integrated Water Protection Strategy Based on Evaluating the Sources of Pollution of Water Bodies
Effect of Topochemical Kinetic Parameters on the Reduction of a Porous Granule of an Oxide Catalyst
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