Numerical Study of Dense Fluid Flow in Narrow Pores
Mathematical Models of the Nonaxisymmetric Columnar Vortex
Analysis of Operating Conditions for an Aerodynamic Foam Breaker
Approximation of the Concentration Profile in the Gas Phase in Evaporation
Film Condensation from a Dusty Vapor–Gas Mixture
Nonlocal Properties of the Phase-Separation Diagrams of Multiphase Systems
Dissolution of Solid Particles under Vacuum
Steady-State Temperature and Adsorption Distributions in a Resistance-Heated Granular Activated-Charcoal Bed
Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Alkanes under Supercritical Conditions
Optimization of Recycle Permeators
Model for Calculating and Optimizing the Parameters of Hydrogen-Permeable Capillaries of Membrane Apparatuses
Phase Disequilibrium in the Course of an Exothermic Reaction Accompanied by Liquid Evaporation in a Catalytic Trickle-Bed Reactor
Estimating the Parameters of an Adiabatic Steam Methane Conversion Reactor with a Regular Catalytic Block
Photochemical Oxidation of Sulfur Dioxide in Air in the Presence of Ozone
Modeling of the Structure of Porous Disperse Systems
Modeling of the Heat Strengthening of Phosphorite Pellets
Automated Synthesis of Biochemical Wastewater Treatment Systems
Intensification of Convective Heat Transfer
In Memory of Viktor Gertsevich Ainshtein (1930–2001)