Methods of Generalized and Functional Separation of Variables in Hydrodynamic and Heat- and Mass-Transfer Equations
Gas and Liquid Transfer in Narrow Pores
Dynamics of Unsteady-State Distillation Combined with Transesterification in the Liquid Phase
Mass Transfer from a Single Bubble in the Presence of Surfactants
Model for Calculating and Optimizing Gas Flow Rates in the Hydrogen-Permeable Capillaries of Permeators
Mass-Transfer Mechanism in High-Intensity Drying in the Presence of Internal Heat Sources
Analysis of the Operation of a Nonisothermal Flow Reactor in Terms of the Relaxation Model of Longitudinal Dispersion
Diffusion Transfer in the Course of Benzene Alkylation with Propylene over a β-Zeolite Catalyst
Effect of the Packing Density of the Fibrous Bed on the Flow Resistance and Dimensions of an Aerosol Filter
Liquid–Vapor Equilibrium in Multicomponent Mixtures of Higher Aliphatic Acids
Optimum Control of a Crude Oil Processing Plant
Correcting Control of Established Modes of Chemical Engineering Systems
Theoretical Foundations and Implementation of the High-Temperature Electrosynthesis of Molybdenum Carbide in Ionic Melts
Unsteady-State Stage of the Resistance Heating of a Granular Charcoal Bed
Designing a Bitumen Cooling Process
In Memory of Oleg Sinanovich Chekhov (1927–2001)