Scaling-up Effect in Chemical Engineering
Nonlocal Models of Turbulent Transfer
Flow Resistance of High-Velocity Multilayer Cermet Gas Filters
Gas Dynamics of a Swirling Flow
Mass Transfer to a Semi-infinite Medium Accompanied by Reversible Chemical Reactions
Kinetics of Moisture and Heat Transfer between a Capillary Porous Body and an Aerosol
Calculating the Parameters of Heat Transfer between Countercurrent Flows with Variable Thermophysical Properties
Exact Solutions of Navier–Stokes, Boundary-Layer, and Heat-Conduction Equations
Thermodynamic Analysis of the NRTL Model Using the Concentration Dependences of Excess Functions
Mass Transfer in Liquid–Liquid Systems
Mathematical Model of Synthetic Leather Drying
Propagation of Isothermal Flame in the Low-Pressure Thermal Decomposition of Nitrogen Trichloride
Methanol Synthesis by Direct Oxidation of Natural Gas at Thermal Power Plants
Process Control System Synthesis under Constraints Imposed on Controlled Variables
Mechanochemistry and Processing Characteristics of Aqueous Emulsions of High-Viscosity Petroleum Products
Thermal Properties of n-Hexane at Temperatures of 298.15–363.5 K and Pressures of 0.098–147 MPa
Coalescence Dynamics of Liquid Drops
Seventh Session of the International Training Workshop on High-Tech Chemical Engineering