Distribution of Gas Flow Parameters in Mass Transfer Columns with Regularly Spaced Shelves
Heat and Mass Transfer in a Fixed Annular Granular Bed
Heat Transfer in Boiling Solutions of Liquids
Modeling of Oil Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Wells during Intensive Gas Release
Evaluation of Mass Transfer Enhancement by Additives Using a New Semi-Empirical Method Based on Surface Tension Gradients and Marangoni Numbers
Phase-Equilibrium Stability Criterion in Terms of the Eigenvalues of the Hessian Matrix of the Gibbs Potential
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Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Ethylene Oxide from Its Aqueous Solution
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Partial Alkane Oxidation Kinetics at High Pressures
Anomalous Effects in Catalysis
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Modeling and Optimization of the Synthesis of Fine-Particle Powders in High-Frequency Plasma
Industrial Monitoring As a Source of Valuable Information on the Unit Process