Microdynamics of the Early Stages of Liquid/Plate Contact under Highly Nonequilibrium Conditions
Interface Oscillations in Boiling
Superfluidity of Aqueous Solutions in Capillaries at Ordinary Temperatures
Numerical Simulation of the Formation of a Dispersed Phase with Particle Coagulation and Breaking
Criterion Demarcating Cavitation and Boiling
Mass Transfer Model for Bubbling
Modeling Anomalous High-Temperature Adsorption from Binary Mixtures
Azeotropic Relationships and Singular Points with a Zero Index
Calculation of Multiphase Liquid–Liquid Equilibrium and Automated Synthesis of the Structures of Phase Diagrams
Mathematical Model of the Electrokinetic Removal of Liquid from Filter Elements
Mathematical Modeling of Continuous Butadiene Polymerization
Electrical Phenomena Accompanying Phase Interaction in Ethylene Oxidation on a Silver Catalyst
Effect of Dissolved Gases on the Viscosity of Petroleum
Removal of Silica from Geothermal Brine
Calculating Material Flow Rates in the Granulation of Mineral Fertilizers in Drum Apparatuses
Characterizing and Determining Particle Size
Forced Filtration of a Water–Ethanol Liquid–Vapor Mixture through a Porous Medium