Numerical Modeling of the Translational and Chemical Disequilibria in the Front of a Strong Shock Wave
Displacement of Organic Liquids from Capillaries and Porous Media by Aqueous Surfactant Solutions and Organosiloxane-in-Water Emulsions
Unsteady-State Cone Flows of Ideal Incompressible Liquids
Effect of Impeller Blade Geometry on Drop Size in Stirring of Immiscible Liquids
Continuous Selective Heating of the Solid Phase of a Dispersion
Basic Properties of Tie-Line Vector Fields of Two-Phase Ternary Mixtures
Linearization of Phase-Separation Diagrams as a Way of Intensifying Process Design
Melt Entrapment and the Effective Distribution Coefficient during the Growth of a Crystal Layer
Water Solubility of Carbon Dioxide under Supercritical and Subcritical Conditions
Gas Ultrapurification in a Membrane Cell with Retentate Recycle
Parametric Analysis of the Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Model
Mathematical Description of a Heterogeneous Catalytic Process on the Basis of the Dendrite Model of a Catalyst Pellet
Mathematical Modeling of the Stationary Kinetics of a Composite Reaction with Quasi-Stationary Steps
Transient Outflow of a Liquid from a System of Holes in a Horizontal Tube
A Method for Calculating the Thickness of a Coating on a Complex-Shaped Electrode
Applying an Additive Scheme to the Calculation of the Heat of Combustion of Saturated Hydrocarbons
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