Academician Zhavoronkov's Scientific Activity1
Neumann–Lame–Clapeyron–Stefan Problem and Its Solution Using Fractional Differential-Integral Calculus
Effect of Particle-Size Distribution on Wall Friction in High-Velocity Gas-Dynamic Apparatuses
Dynamics of Unsteady-State Evaporation of Binary Mixtures in Closed Systems
Transport of Impurities out of a Two-Phase Crystal Layer into a Melt under the Effect of a Temperature Gradient
Modeling of the Solubility of Solid High-Molecular-Weight Organic Substances in Supercritical Fluids
Mathematical Modeling of Heat Conduction in Complex-Shaped Bodies by the Boundary Integral Equation Method
Thermodynamic Analysis of the Wilson Model Using Partial Excess Functions
Calculating the Liquid–Gas Equilibrium in the Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis
Substantiation of Azeotropic Relationships for Two-Dimensional Concentration Complexes
Comparison of Oxidative Wastewater Treatment Methods
Mathematical Modeling of the Chemical Reaction Kinetics in the Quasi-equilibrium and Quasi-stationary Approximation
Statistical Description of the Coke Balance in a Reactor–Regenerator System Containing a Fine-Particle Catalyst
Mathematical Modeling of Extrusion of Water–Oxide Pastes in the Production of α-Fe2O3 Catalysts
Properties of Some Mesogens in the Liquid Crystal and Isotropic States