Mathematical Modeling of the Hydrodynamics over Permeable Surfaces
Optimization of Parameters of Filters in a Multistage System of Fine Gas Filtration
Calculation of a Cross Flow Past a Rotating Cylinder in the Vicinity of the Stagnation Point
Modeling of Separation in a Cocurrent Cylindrical Hydrocyclone
Separation of Concentrated Solid–Liquid Systems
Kinetics of Binary Distillation in Falling Film Columns
Location of Binary Azeotropes in the Concentration Simplex
Modeling of the Sorption Dynamics in Multicomponent Ion-Exchange Systems with Consideration of Complexation Reactions on the Basis of the Surface Complexation Theory
Effect of Mechanically Activated Sorption on the Rheological Behavior of Coal Slurries
Limiting Cases of the Equations of the Wave Model of Longitudinal Dispersion Accompanied by a Chemical Reaction
Thermally Coupled Catalytic Reactor for Steam Reforming of Methane and Liquid Hydrocarbons
Optimization of the Length of the Active Zone of a Plasma Chemical Reactor
Three-Phase Flash Calculation for Hydrocarbon Systems Containing Water1
Optimization of Separation–Mixing Processes
N.M. Zhavoronkov and His Role in the Formation of the Modern System of Chemical-Engineering Education1
Particle Size Distribution of the Product of Suspension Polymerization
In Memory of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Malyusov (1913–2003)